The Book of Maggie Bradstreet

Book of Maggie Bradstreet
The Book of Maggie Bradstreet

Stop a terrible wrong or blindly follow her elders? What happens near Salem when Maggie must choose?

Maggie Bradstreet is a curious girl of thirteen with a mind of her own, which can get her into trouble in Puritan New England. She wants nothing more than to prove to her brother’s friend Job that she is no longer a child, but when witches are discovered in their community of Andover, Massachusetts, her world turns upside down.

Maggie’s diary tells of excitement turned to horror as more and more people are accused of witchcraft, and her best friend’s mother is taken off to jail. She tries to save her friends and in the end must save herself.

The Book of Maggie Bradstreet, a multi-generational account that chronicles a romance and adventure during a fascinating period in US history, is biographical fiction based on historical records about the author’s ancestors. Like others in Colonial Andover, Margaret Bradstreet witnessed firsthand the bullying, touch test trials, and arrests of her friends and neighbors. Readers will find the untold and remarkable story of what happened in Colonial Andover as riveting as literary classics that portray the well-known Salem witch trials.

Includes a map of Andover in 1692 and afterword with additional historical content.

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